Friday, June 11, 2010

Horse relationship breakthrough

Well I had a major relationship breakthrough with Quincy the other day, such a nice feeling!.

I used to think when something big, really big, happened between myself and my horses that it was just the greatest, well it is, but, I have realized lately that the little tiny things are just as great, just as important because those little things always lead to the bigger things. Need to pay more attention to them.....

Awhile back I went to a horse event and watched this trainer rub his horses neck, not a pat, not one stroke, but many strokes, long and with feeling. He talked about how the horses mother would have done that when he was a foal and how it helps with trust. Now I think I had heard this before, I am sure of it, but I guess it just had not clicked....till now . So, why not try it.

I waited until Quincy did something I had asked of him and I stroked his neck over and over again, long strokes with a definite touch and to my surprise while I was doing this he licked, chewed and yawned, wow, I was amazed . I have been doing this ever since, every chance I get and I have noticed he listens so much better, its just an amazing thing. Remember not a simple pat, but long strokes over and over again

So the other morning I had put the horses out but had forgotten to use fly spray so I needed to go back out. I keep a bottle of spray by the gate and usually I leave my carrot stick there as well, so from the house I went right out to the field. Now getting through the gate with three horses stomping and pushing to get away from flies is not an easy feat, and it had just poured so the ground was slick. I looked around and no carrot stick, I had left it in the barn , I should have gone back for it because Quincy was right there, but, I went right on in anyway. First, he moved back with just the movement from my hand, nice!!, remember they were not happy because of the flies but he moved with little effort on my part just a simple will you please! So I sprayed him told him he was a good boy and moved over to spray another horse, Quincy moved with me, not pushy like Quincy is, just with me, quiet and softly. Recognizing that this was something great I played with it a bit, moving from horse to horse away from him and he just stayed with me. He was not trying to get away from flies or another horse, he was not pushing into me, he just wanted to be with me. And when he dropped his head lower and lower letting me pet him I realized that he had been doing that more and more as well, he had been doing that and I had not realized it. This is huge for us !! this is like the old Quincy before it all fell apart, there is hope for us I just know it !

I have learned patience in my older years but I am telling you I cant wait for the arena to be done and the round pen put up I just cant stand it !!!! LOL. I need so badly to do more with this horse and I am getting more and more excited about it.

Isn’t natural horsemanship great!!! Thank you parelli and thank you Emma!!!