Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Herd bound, getting him to relax

Rode Joe yesterday, I put him in the bittless bridle and we went out alone. A very different horse, the problem has been that Joel and I have been riding together leaving Quincy in the barn or round pen and that’s been causing a huge problem. Quincy and Joe are herd bound..... need I say more. So poor Joel cant get him to relax and he is not having as much fun as he could be . Having said that I think Joel likes it when Joe is a little “up beat” Lol, he likes the challenge.

So anyway I went into the arena and he was relaxed within minutes, worked on walk, trot, transitions hoping to get him to be calmer and listen better. He was doing so good that I asked for a canter, he did ok.. When I brought him down to a trot he started to rush so maybe I asked for the canter to soon, ( I know I did but I couldn’t help myself, bad me!). Worked a little longer until he calmed then took him out for a trail ride.

He did great !! we just walked because I knew if I had even asked for a trot he would be off. Instead of walking in the paths and fields I had him going back and forth, up and down and around the cedars. He had to think about what he was doing instead of who was yelling for him in the barn.

Joel and I talked about it and we think the next time we ride together he will start ahead of me, he can warm up Joe before I bring Dylan out of the barn we will see if that helps. I think I also need to take Quincy for some walks away from the others, he is just to stressed when he is alone. Of course getting another horse would always help, Lol