Monday, February 1, 2010


Sometimes its just the little things the unexpected things that can be huge. Yesterday I threw some hay in the barn for the horses, I placed it in the isle so I could clean the stalls. I walked by Quincy who was eating and you all know how food oriented he is, nothing comes between him and his feed, without thinking I reached out grabbed his tail ever so slightly and just pulled toward me, not even pulled just a slight tug and guess what, he backed up!!!! Granted he was chewing he has his month full but wow ! Now I know that might seem silly to a lot of folks but to get a horse to back by tugging on there tail takes some doing, to get them to do this with just a slight tug not much more than a thought is awesome, to get Quincy to do anything much less backing, well all I can say is wow.


  1. woohooo!!!!! congrats to you both =)

  2. GO YOU TWO! Quincy you silly boy after my own heart! (((-:

    That's the awesome thing about playing with horses, and very humbling imo...when you try and try and try to do something and it doesn't come until you do it accidentally! LOL!

    Love to you lady!