Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Parelli training pays off

This is my latest discovery on the parelli learning adventure.

I have a left brain introvert who to say is a handful would be an understatement, we have come a long way but have so much further to go. Here is what has been happening....

First I should explain the layout of the barn. It has stalls all down one side and stalls and tack room, washroom etc.. down the other. The isle is extra extra wide with a dirt floor, you can actually ride in there if you would want to. So what this means is the horses can not just go in and out of there stalls but in and out of the barn. Its awesome!!!

Ok so the section that has the hay also has a gate across it to keep the horses out of it, else it would be a feast. I was throwing hay one day and they were all in the isle, I grabbed some hay and walked out to spread it around, when I turned to go back and close the gate Quincy was in there eating. He not only had opened the gate wide he had walked under and through the tarp that hangs to keep the rain out if the big doors are open. Now before parelli I would have shooed him out and shut the door, but instead I just walked in told him he was a good boy grabbed more hay and continued doing what I had been doing. I gave him some time then walked in and asked him politely to leave, he did!! Well this kept happening he would just wait at the gate for me to walk out and he would swing the gate wide and go in.

Now, I can stand at the gate, I don’t even have to go in and ask him to leave, he always does. I gave him a choice instead of a demand I let him play and make a decision and the results are incredible.

Because of the move we made and everything else that’s been happening I have really neglected the horses but now that things are getting to normal that will change. I have decided to take the riding part out of the equation when it comes to this horse and just concentrate on the ground work. We will see what happens. If someday I am able to ride him again that will be great but if not its ok I will learn from him and for him and the other horses will benefit.

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