Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sounds of the night

If you are real quiet around dusk you can start to see and hear the sounds and sights of the night. At first you have to listen hard as the sounds come from afar. Off in the distance a small yap, a howl, a buzz, a snap, and a hum. As the minutes pass on the sounds become louder and louder and you are certain you are involved in a private conservation with the wild. The coyotes are out and on the hunt, the pups are calling to there parents and you just know they are right around the corner. The frogs get louder and louder almost overtaking everything else. There is a song in the air and you listen more intently not wanting to miss anything. The light show that goes with the voices is unbelievable as hundreds of fire flies dance and float all around us adding yet another dimension to the night.

We are sitting on the front porch, not having to think, just listening and watching and being totally entertained , nature at its best. I am getting used to this new life we have here at BDR. I invite you all tonight, to take a few moments where ever you are to stop and listen to the sounds around you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that for a little while you are in a different world, one that is relaxing , entertaining, peaceful and so beautiful if only to your ears.

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