Saturday, June 13, 2009

Frog Pond

Well I worked on the frog pond yesterday ,this will be the 5th or 6th time, but who’s counting. And....this time I am sure its done, well not done, but to the point I can now just futs with it. During the aftermath of the storm I decided at the end of a very long hard day to see what was up with this little neglected pond by the barn. I ended up cleaning it out, layer after layer of mucky smelly decaying leaves. It was pretty ripe!!! Just what I needed, to get involved with yet another project.

The next day I emptied the rest of the standing water from it, I actually got inside and swam with the critters, it was the only way and I was willing to sacrifice myself! I then scrubbed it with a brush and filled it up with water. It was so cute, I put the floating glass balls from my old koi pond and wow not bad. Well now I think a fountain... , a few plants..... some gold fish and we will be done. ( did I really think that would be the end of it, I mean this is me we are talking about! )

So I go on the hunt for everything on my list, I came home with a small pump that has a fountain head and three very sick looking plants and no fish to be found. I could not find a pond store and the only pond plants I found were on the sale rack because they were on there last legs. Well after trying to put the fountain thing together, it had no real directions and I was just not getting it, I decided it was just a cheap one anyway and I was taking it back. I put the plants in and they floated, no kidding on there sides floating. My neighbor stops by and sees the floating plants and after some discussion we decide to just re plant them in bigger more stable pots. It worked !!! Not bad....

Joel talked me into getting just a pump and building a waterfall, well I love the idea but was afraid of the amount of work I would have to do, after all take a look around !!!! And this really is just a small tiny pond but ok. So I gather some rocks from around the property and I built a waterfall, l loved it loved it loved it. The bottom rock has a chanal in it with three outlets so its really kind of cool. When I showed it to Joel he asked if the water was all flowing back into the pond, well of course it is do I look that stupid?????.

So the next morning I go out to feed the horses and yep you guessed it there is no water in the pond, oh how I hate it when he is right ! I take it allllll apart and refill it with water, but with no waterfall. I also realized that the pond was not level and Joel, him again, said if I did not make it level I would never be happy, he’s right so instead I just walked away thinking later I will work on it later.

So yesterday morning my neighbor came by and said well I can help lets just do it. We worked on it for hours, removed all the rocks from around it, took the liner out, leveled the dirt, gathered more rocks and reassembled the pond complete with waterfall. I know I was driving her crazy when I said it was all to straight and not natural looking, but being the good sport that she is she just smiled and asked what I wanted to do. We just tweaked it a little added some pebbles to soften it, found some old "driftwood" and when we stepped back we were just delighted. Now I did had to warn her that I was going to change it up a bit and at first she did not understand, I had to explain that ’s just the way I am, I will futs with it almost everyday and maybe by the end of the summer I will be done.

So here we have it a little frog pond, I placed some frogs around it hence the name. Now I am thinking maybe in the back by the herb garden.......

Goldfish to follow.

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