Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tic’s, spiders, snakes, oh my !!

Ok in my world there would not be bugs and crawly things they would be outlawed banished never to be seen again. Being new to this part of the world is opening my eyes to many things and some of them I would rather not see. I guess May is tick month as we had them on us every day. Some were just there crawling up with those tiny little legs and some actually bit us, I still have the marks from those little suckers. The first few times I had them on me I came unglued, jumping, swirling, spouting obscenities and basically totally freaking out. I got better, really I did, what choice did I have it was a daily occurrence. And the poor dogs, having tic’s is bad enough, but having to deal with a mother that is afraid yet tries to take them off well I am sure in there mind they would just rather I let the blood get sucked out of them. Sorry boys! Well I have noticed that there are not as many, some say it’s the heat I think word got out that I was on a mission to banish them and they are afraid of me, very, very afraid!!!!

Then there are the spiders oh my they are everyplace, in the barn , in the studio, in the shed and in every little nook and cranny of this house. The bug guy is coming today I don’t care what it costs I will not be bitten by one of those bad boys. I was told the other day that I needed to look out for this particular one as it will rot your flesh, oh just great !!! Now I have to learn the difference between the flesh eating spiders and the good for the garden ones, no, I don’t think so, make them all go away!!!

Now to top it off I walked outside yesterday and there in the lawn in the front of my house inches from my big toe was my worse nightmare. Don’t tell me they are good for this or that, no way they are bad and I want them gone. Please someone take them all away, you can have them they can live in your world you can even give them names, just take them away!!!! OH my!!!!!

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