Saturday, July 25, 2009

Look what the Dogs Draged in !

We love taking the dogs for a hike, they love being able to run play and hunt. Bill, he is really quite the hunter always bringing home moles and gophers, go Bill!! Sometimes they spot a deer and off they go then Joel has to go off into the woods to get the dogs, not always happy about it as we know there are other creatures in these woods, some we would rather never ever come across. We figure we are safe during the day as its mostly night time when the sun goes down that we hear the sounds of the wilderness, but you never know.

So the other day we decide to go for a hike and fortunately I grabbed my camera, just hoping to take some pictures of the dogs and nature. So we are walking, Joel and I talking, I take a picture here and there, the dogs are doing what dogs do, it was cool enough that we were all enjoying our hike. When all of a sudden the dogs stop, not moving a muscle, the hair on there backs go up, Joel and I stop as well not sure what is going on. Then just as suddenly Bill bolts off into the woods, Lucy right behind him, Joel an I look at each other not sure what to do. This is different than other times somehow we know its not a deer or bunny this is big! We can hear them running but they get fainter and fainter as they get further and further away from us. I can see the look on Joel’s face he is thinking I’m not going in there and I am thinking each man, woman and dog for them selves I want to bolt but in the other direction.

Its so quiet I think even the birds have stopped breathing..... time passed very slowly..... but then we heard it, a soft rustle, a twig breaking, heavy panting, the dogs were heading back, but wait, something is different I cant figure out what the sound is...... oh my!! I cant believe my eyes I know I must take a picture but I cant I just cant move, out comes Lucy, out comes, Bill, out comes oh my oh my oh my could it really be, has Bill and Lucy done what great men and women over the years ben unable to do, have they captured Big foot can it really be.....

Ok so my attempt at fiction may not be very good but I had you going there for a bit, LOL Hunting for big foot has been a long time joke in our family, Joel and the dogs, what ever dog we had at the time have always gone hiking in hunt for him. When I saw this cement casting I knew I just had to get it for Joel, yes its ugly but come on how fun. Joel will find a very good place for it, perhaps hidden on a trail so when we are on our hikes with the dogs we will see it and think fondly of the dogs that have passed before us. Hope you enjoyed my story, hope I have not scared you away.

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