Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Big Storm

So what do most people do when they move into there dream home??? yeah they paint and decorate and organize and enjoy. But what happens when one week after they move in they get hit with a hurricane!!!!! to make matters even worse we don’t live on the coast! Not sure what the technical name is for it but they call it something when its inland. So now its been about a month since the storm and we can finally start to think about other things beside clean up.

We lost a lot of trees including the two 200 year old pecan trees that shaded the sunroom. Its ok really after we cried about it we looked on the bright side of things, we now have a clear view of the pond and the sun rises are magnificent. Plus who doesn’t want a new roof and fencing not to mention the retaining wall, lightning rods, horse fence and oh that smelly thing they call a septic...... just to mention a few. But we will have wood for the fire place for years and years and years.....

This weekend we will hire some help and get the limbs chipped, we will then clean up that mess and forget about trees for awhile. Lots more of them came down but we will take a brake and resume that clean up in the fall. Its really getting to hot.

Here are a few images from the storm

Trees on the roof-

Two pecan trees up-rooted

This is the old barn it used to be straight

Joel working on the cedar, it shaded the deck

Part of the fence around the house, if you walked around the whole house this is what you would see all the way around

Lots more but really all the same

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  1. Wow! Dawn!! Make sure you guy get your Lyme Disease shots (they are cheap and don't hurt)!!

    It looks like the storm didn't get you down! It's a beautiful house and a beautiful view...if only trees grew faster, huh?...I'm sorry this had to happen!


    p.s. I also have a blog here: It's a bit random at this point but I am expecting it to pick up speed!